Two early prototypes linked together (1988)
Adrian Fernandez
Prototype triplescreen simulator (1991)
Bryan Herta
Dario Franchitti
Greg Moore
First Prototype, featuring feedback steering (1986)
Paul Tracy
Russell Racing School
Skip Barber Racing School
Russell Racing School Instructors
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Jacques Villeneuve addresses a huge crowd around the Winfield simulator at Silverstone
Digital Vehicles was founded in 1995 to produce the most realistic and highest quality racing simulators possible.

Our company founder Carey Kriger is a lifelong racing enthusiast and engineer who started combining those passions into homebuilt racing simulators during college around 15 years ago.  Some of those early prototypes are shown below.
Our first commercial simulator, the 5GF1, debuted to great reviews from professional racers and the motorsport press.  Since then, our systems have developed into mature commercial products that still retain the fanatical attention to "racing realism" pioneered by the 5GF1.

Many well-known drivers have driven our simulators and provided valuable feedback to help us improve them.  Hundreds of thousands of civilians have also enjoyed our simulators, at high-profile special events and entertainment destinations in over a dozen countries around the world.
Emails regarding Jacques Villeneuve's test drives of a Pacesetter at Monde Virtuel in Montreal.
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Austin, Texas  USA
Tel: 512-837-5043
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